The arboreal beauty of sustainably sourced Wood Blinds will add a authentic warmth to your home.
Meticulously crafted from North American hardwood, Wood Blinds add natural insulation and character to your home.  A light weight, consistently colored, structurally, stable and attractive product that is rich in grain.  Painted, stained and custom colors can be matched to your decor.  Tiger striping Burl, Bird's Eye, Pin Knots, Mineral Marks, Knotty Pine or rustic markings are all striking elements inherent to the beauty of real wood.  A three step drying process and a strict adherence to quality standards guarantee the straightest possible wood components while craftsmen skillfully apply vibrant stains and environmentally -friendly water based paint finishes for a stunning look.  If authentic and timeless is the look that compliments your design style, consider the beauty of Real Wood window coverings.
Faux Wood window coverings deliver the warmth of real wood to rooms that require a humidity-resistant solution.  Faux Woods are easy-to-clean and are engineered to prevent warping, fading, cracking and peeling - ideal of kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, high-humidity locations and your budget!