Vertical Blinds

Durable, easy to operate and available in an extensive selection of colors, materials and fabrics, Vertical Blinds are a cost-effective solution for reliable light control on wide windows, garden doors and patio doors.
The Sheer Vertical combines the soft look of luxurious sheer fabric draperies and the light control benefits of vinyl vertical blind.  Clear vertical vanes are wrapped in sheer fabric of your choice, allowing diffused light to stream into your space while maintaining the appeal of a freshly pressed formal drapery. Best of all – the fabric can be removed and is washable!  Fabric verticals will add warmth and texture to your space while the choice of vinyl slats will ensure ultimate durability.

Available Options

  • variety of fabric, crown or S-shaped vinyl vanes which feature a rolling drapery look
  • free hanging fabric vanes
  • Many vinyl styles coordinate with vinyl horizontals
  • multiple valance styles
  • extensive range of colors, textures and patterns
  • left, right or center split, wall or ceiling mount
  • cut outs
  • angled top
  • widths up to 191″ and 192″ in length
  • childsafe cordless options
  • One Touch® wand control


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