Talius Rollshutters

Talius® Rollshutters are custom manufactured to suite your needs.

Our large selection of quality components enables us to provide you with practical solutions for a variety of applications.  Made from high quality aluminum and stainless steel components, Talius® Rollshutters are insulated to keep the heat in your home or cottage during the winter and out during the summer and are mounted on the outside of your windows.   Protect your home or cottage from Mother Nature’s harshest elements including harsh sunlight, strong winds and severe storms.  Rollshutters  create a solid barrier preventing against broken glass and theft, rolling down when you need them and disappearing when your don’t.  The unique edge retention system prevents your screen from blowing out of the guide rails on windy days and protects your space from pesky insects.


Additional Options

  • custom painted logos or business graphics
  • 1800 custom colors
  • 5 colors of panel boxes, guide rails and bottom profiles.
  • as wide as 19’2″ and as long as 14′


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