Overture® Sheer Shades

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Experience your home in a new light as layers of seamless, sheer fabric keep your space bright while blocking out harmful UV rays.

These lightweight shades have a clean, airy design that provides slight light filtering when open and gently diffused light when closed. Sheer material is expertly woven as one continuous piece of fabric with no visible seams, stitches or adhesives.  These shades block up to 99% of UV rays, preventing damage to your furnishings and your home.  When closed, the shade disappears into a sleek, fabric-wrapped cassette for a sophisticated and polished look.  Available in 2″, 2 1/2″ and 3″ vanes to allow for an enhanced view and precise light control.  If soft and timeless is  your design style, consider the Overture® Sheer Shade.

Out of stock

Available Options

  • fabric wrapped Cassette valances
  • light filtering, room darkening or blackout
  • metallics and primary colors
  • fabrics as wide as 102″ and as long as 110″
  • various vane sizes
  • multiple blinds on one headrail
  • motorized lift
  • childsafe cordless options
  • also known as Vision Shades, Revolve Shades, High-Light Shades® and  Banded Shades
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